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Clay baths can be used to detox chemo, radiation

Living clay is 100 percent natural and has been used for centuries by Native Americans to restore health for everything from wound healing to detoxing. Researchers have discovered that the unique curative properties of clay, also called montmorillonite, is capable of removing the toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects. ingested from food grown in chemically saturated fields to the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to daily. Most especially, clay can be considered as a powerful detoxifier for after chemo and radiation therapy.


When clay is consumed, its vital force is released and mingles with the vital energy of the body, creating a stronger, more powerful energy. The natural magnetic action transmits a remarkable power and helps to rebuild and restore the body down to the cellular level. [1]

When the immune system has been compromised, such as after chemo or radiation therapy, clay stimulates the body's inner resources to awaken the stagnant energy. It supplies the body with the available magnetism to rebuild and strengthen itself.


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The best-known characteristic of clay is that it “acts as needed.” Clay is said to propel the immune system to find a new healthy balance. Clay strengthens the body to a point of higher resistance. In this way, the body's natural immune system has an improved chance of restoring and rebuilding itself quickly and efficiently. Since our immune system is the number one defense against cancer, it's vital to do everything possible to restore it quickly after chemo and radiation therapy.

Calcium montmorillonite, the second type of montmorillonite, is also known as “living clay” because it consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

What happens when you eat clay?

If you haven’t thought about eating clay, you are missing a key component in using the powerful qualities of this substance. Especially after chemo or radiation therapy, you can consider taking clay internally to absorb the many toxic side effects of these treatments.

Is it safe? Yes, but always ask your natural health care provider how to take it, especially if on any medications. A few things clay can help with:

  • Detoxification of digestive system (the absorptive action pulls contaminants from the body)
  • Fixes free oxygen in the blood stream (occurs once liver is restored to full function)
  • Elimination of internal parasites, organic and non-organic toxicity
  • Immune system support
  • Increases T-cell count
  • Fights free radicals
  • Mercury poison detoxifier
  • Trace mineral supplement
  • Alkalizing agent in the body

How to take clay

Internal cleanse detoxification: Drink one rounded teaspoon of clay powder mixed in 6-8 oz. of distilled water or juice, daily. Or take Liquid Clay, 1 teaspoon in 8 oz. of water. For best results, take on an empty stomach. It is recommended taking the clay at night for maximum benefits.

It also is recommended that when taking bentonite clay internally, to use it with Psyllium Husk, a natural plant-based fiber. This is to make sure that the clay moves out of your system effectively and doesn’t cause any build up in your colon.

How to use clay for burns

One of the many side effects of chemo and radiation therapy is the burns that can occur on the skin. This can be painful and irritating. Using clay not only alleviates the burn but pulls out toxins through the skin safely and effectively.

Preparation of clay packs and wraps: Mix 1 teaspoon powdered clay by slowly adding distilled water until a smooth consistency is formed. The clay should be stiff yet pliable. Any unused clay should be promptly covered and kept in a glass jar or sealable container to retain its moisture.
Smooth the clay over the burned area. It will dry and feel like a ‘pulling’ action is occurring. Let it sit on your skin for at least one hour, then gently rinse off with warm water.

Directions for a clay bath

Add up to 2 cups of powdered bentonite clay into the bathtub and then run very hot water over the clay, as hot as it gets. Use a wire whisk to stir the clay around and to help it dissolve. Once you've got about 3 inches of water in the tub and the clay is dissolved, start adding cooler water until the water reaches the desired temperature.

The bath should neither be too hot nor too cool but should be nice and warm, as warm as is comfortable. Bathing time depends upon your condition, but for best results, soak at least 30 minutes.

Another option is to take about a cup of liquid bentonite clay and put it into the bath water.

After your clay bath, rinse off with warm water and apply coconut or olive oil to hydrate the skin.


  1. The Clay Cure, Ran Knishinsky, 1998

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