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Is medical tourism for integrative treatment worthwhile?

Millions of people are traveling abroad for healthcare services due to freedom of choice and affordability. Have you ever considered this possibility?

As a young, recently graduated physician in 1986, little did I know that by moving to Tijuana I was getting immersed in the world of medical tourism. Thirty-three years later, it still evokes warm feelings, remembering the hundreds of patients from all over the world I have had the immense privilege to treat. Without hesitation, I can say, the vast majority of these have been happy and satisfied they took the leap of faith to come to Tijuana seeking healthcare.

Freedom of choice here in Mexico allows medical institutions to ensemble treatment protocols which are both scientifically backed and highly effective, and at.a fraction of the cost of other countries. Over the last few decades, this multidisciplinary approach — which combines conventional western means of healing, with holistic and natural approaches has flourished, thanks to several clinics and hospitals.

Over my many years here in Tijuana, and thanks to the massive influx of patients demanding freedom of choice, I became familiar with therapies and healing methods such as laetrile, ozone therapy, naturopathy, chelation, etc., that were never taught to me in university. As well, I had the honor of learning from prominent scientists and practitioners in the fields of holistic medicine, homeopathy, and functional medicine.

Historically, it was back in the early 1960s when Mexico saw a boom in alternative cancer treatment clinics and hospitals. At the time, pioneers such as Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Harold Manner, Charlotte Gerson, and others used therapies such as the metabolic therapy, B-17, a variety of ozone treatments, Gerson therapy, etc., which started to build up Mexico’s still-growing reputation abroad. [1]

Geographically, Tijuana is strategically located on the northwestern-most point of Mexico, just across the border from San Diego. Travel-wise, both cities have airports with connections to the entire globe.

Through the years, the number of visitors to this region for health-related motives has been steadily growing. At the beginning of the 21st century, there was a yearly influx of about 250,000 medical tourists; in 2014 it got up to 800,000; in this 2019 the expectation is more than 2,000,000 visitors for healthcare reasons. [2] Something good must be happening in Baja!

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This vibrant healthcare industry has, in turn, promoted a high concentration of well-trained, certified professionals, and the development and availability of world-class facilities. In Baja, California, you can now find the most experienced professionals in complementary and alternative therapies in the world and it is this area of healthcare that a substantial number of foreign visitors look for when they come here.

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