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Expecting an effective treatment? First, fix the leak

We had a dentist from England come to Dayspring with Stage IV breast cancer. She had been treated conventionally in England and the treatment failed. She went to Nevada and the treatment failed. She went to Tijuana and the treatment failed.

She then came to Dayspring in a wheelchair. In the first week, she was told she had a bad tooth and an infection. But how could she possibly have a bad tooth? She was a London trained and practicing dentist! (My own father was a successful dentist who wanted me to take over his practice so I get this type of thinking.)

We treated her for two months and could only keep her from passing away. She was then on 90 mg of morphine sulfate plus Vicodin for breakout pain.

At the end of those first two months, she agreed to have the tooth pulled and also told us when she had a PICC line placed in Mexico that there was a large rash around the insertion site plus whole body edema. So, the tooth was removed and the PICC line replaced.

After the third month of treatment, she was off all pain medications and was walking! The “clouds were gone and the birds were singing.”

What had changed? Not the treatments at Dayspring; we were doing the very same things as earlier. What had changed was that the “leak in the basement” was fixed. (The tooth removed and the PICC line replaced.)

So, say you wake up one morning and open the basement door to see the basement carpet wet. You could call someone to come and patch and paint and replace the carpet. But then the next morning you’d see the same thing with the carpet wet. Instead, first fix the leak, then the repairs will be effectual.

The most common “leaks” we see are dental problems, heavy metals, emotional reasons, thyroid not picked up by common blood tests and scars. Certainly, this is not an exhaustive list and other items such as dietary issues of a high sugar and trans fat foods, other toxinsA poison made by certain bacteria, plants, or animals, including insects., dirty electricity, etc. can all be “leaks.”

In short, “first fix the leak” and then the treatments are so much more effective.


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