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The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine

Robert J. LaCava

M.D. / Founder

Robert LaCava, M.D. has been a medical professional for over 40 years and has built up a wealth of experience since his completion of medical school at Northwestern University School of Medicine in 1974. He started his career practicing traditional medicine, but found that these approaches alone would repeatedly fall short in helping his patients achieve optimum health. Tired of managing chronic symptoms with therapies that barely addressed his patients’ illnesses, Dr. LaCava began introducing alternative therapies, experiencing success where traditional medicine had failed. These successes encouraged Dr. LaCava to explore alternative treatments. Convinced of their value, he founded The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine over 10 years ago. He now partners with patients to achieve their ideal health, through alternative and traditional treatments. Dr. LaCava has four children, three grandchildren and more sure to follow.

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