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Robert Carrillo: A ‘personal cancer policy’ focuses on finding benefits that cancer patients can apply to their life

Robert Carrillo is the executive director of clinics for Cancer Tutor. Robert and his wife, Pamela, have met cancer patients at many clinics in different parts of the world. They have heard the patients' stories — the cancer thrivers and also those who have died.

However, one question sticks with Robert: Why is this individual excelling?

Robert has a developed a “personal cancer policy,” which focuses on finding benefits that cancer patients can apply to their life.

To begin with, Robert says one of the earmarks of cancer patients' commitment to treatment is the acceptance of the cancer diagnosis. The patient is not denying cancer; they meet it head-on and accept it spiritually.

The patient commits to excel through their cancer. They go all-out to do the very best they can for their minds, their bodies, and their spirit — and they do not compromise.

Robert also has learned that cancer thrivers embrace a willingness that's significant to change. They changed a lot about their lives — including how they love. Cancer thrivers take inventory of all the things in their life. They are grateful for and to exercise affection. The patients also laugh. They try to find the humor in life, even with cancer.

People who are thriving have learned to constructively express what is going on inside of them to the people they care about.

Cancer thrivers also have an enormous amount of courage. Many people who do not have the courage to find out what ails them. They're afraid.

But you can make a difference — in your life and others — by developing and sharing a personal cancer policy.

  • A firm commitment.
  • Willingness to change.
  • Exercise courage.

If you haven't applied those things in your cancer journey, and you haven't visited a clinic yet, evaluate those three aspects of your life. Bottom line: There are certain things for which we must take responsibility.

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