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The importance of Full Spectrum Nutrition

Did you know the food you eat could make a significant difference in the outcome of your cancer treatment?

Full Spectrum Nutrition supplies the body with nutrients, in the proper potency and proportion, to rebalance internal biochemistry to promote self-healing.

Cancer patients and gastrointestinal hurdles

A struggling digestive system will affect nutrition and is a common complication for cancer patients. The incidence has been estimated at between 40% and 80% and is a figure that varies according to the type of tumor, location, clinical stage, and treatment. This pathological condition is associated with a decreased response and tolerance to anti-neoplastic treatment, deterioration in the quality of life, more extended hospital stays and a higher cost of healthcare, as well as lower survival rates. These facts support the urgent need to prevent or treat nutritional deficiencies promptly in patients with cancer. (1)

The evaluation of the gastrointestinal system of the patient should be carried out at the beginning and throughout treatment since it will indicate the effectiveness of the nutritional intervention.

Factors used in designing a Full Spectrum Nutrition plan include:

  • Functional Capacity
  • Metabolic Stress
  • Status of Patient Nutrition
  • Presence of Co-Morbidities (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, etc.)
  • The type of anti-cancer management to which you are being subjected
  • Body Mass Index
  • The kind of cancer you're fighting against

A hostile environment for cancer cells

When it comes to the integrative treatment of cancer, it is critical to provide the body with the proper nutritional elements. At Verita Life, our goal is to improve your chances of beating the disease, while at the same time creating a hostile environment for cancer cells inside you. (2)

After determining your nutritional and immunological weaknesses and strengths, our experts — including a highly qualified nutritionist — will design a personalized dietary regime.

When all these factors are taken into account, our goal is for each patient will have the highest possible nutritional advantage against this disease.

A variety of healthy foods will be available at our clinic, with a delicious menu designed by our nutritionist, carefully prepared by our kitchen personnel and supervised by our expert chef.

Bon appétit, friends!

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