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Mary Swander’s first meeting with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was quick. After sending him scant medical records – they did not “amount to anything,” Mary admitted – she boarded a plane and flew to his office in New York. Dr. Gonzalez met Mary in the waiting room and immediately said the source of her problems was […]

“As we follow the seven key principles, the non-toxic cancer therapies, oxygenation, detoxification, strengthening the immune system, the emotional spiritual,” says Dr. Antonio Jimenez, “let’s not forget about nutrition and of course, the microbiome. The infamous microbiome that starts in the gut but in reality, our body is a microbiome. “It’s an environment where we have […]

The culmination of Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers’ Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Antonio “Tony” Jimenez’s 30+ years of clinical experience with advanced-stage cancer patients, Hope for Cancer offers scientific insight and emotional empowerment to anyone suffering from the disease. Based on Hope4Cancer’s unique healing program, The 7 Key Principles of Cancer Therapy, Hope for Cancer […]

For Dr. Antonio Jimenez, the fight against cancer was personal. His father was diagnosed and like many others, fear of the disease was real. In his new book, Hope for Cancer: 7 Principles to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey, Dr. Tony offers the guiding principles of his Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers: NON-TOXIC CANCER THERAPIES […]

Dr. Antonio Jimenez explains that Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers “treat the person with cancer — not cancer in the person. “Simply speaking is that we want to take a holistic approach to that disease process. Of course, that includes the physical, the emotional-spiritual, and the mental. “That’s when you truly are going to have sustaining, long-term benefits […]

Dr. Antonio Jimenez has written a book, Hope for Cancer: 7 Principles to Remove Fear and Empower Your Healing Journey. These seven principles are the guiding philosophy to the treatments that Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers adhere to while they personalize regimens for patients. Dr. Tony notes, “You have the right to choose. Once you know your options, […]

Ask any American what the nation’s biggest killer is and you’ll get answers ranging from cancer and heart disease to diabetes, obesity and dozens of other potential likely candidates. Ask the same question to Dr. Sunil Pai and he’ll answer with just one word: “inflammation” — the trigger to almost every disease known to man. […]

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy has sounded the alarm: Cancer is a pandemic. Now, in The Cancer Revolution, Dr. Connealy shares her groundbreaking integrative approach to both treating and preventing cancer. “Fortunately, you can learn about many cutting-edge cancer therapies by reading this book,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola in The Cancer Revolution foreword. “Dr. Connealy carefully […]

The China Study: by T. Colin Campbell Get the book on Amazon here The China Study is a book written by T. Colin Campbell PhD and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II. Data used to substantiate the information presented in The China Study comes from Dr. Campbell’s part in a 20-year study that was done in […]

Books – Main Cancer Treatment Protocols Books – Alternative Cancer Clinics Books – More Cancer Treatment Protocols Books – Cancer Theory Books – Cancer Politics Books on the Treatment of Cancer Defeat Cancer – 15 Doctors of Integrative & Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How  by Connie Strasheim All aspects of treatment are covered, from antineoplastic […]

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