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Category: Recipes

The VIDA Bowl is a crazy healthy, fun, fast and delicious bowl of feel good. If you don’t like an ingredient or have a food sensitivity, have some fun and adjust it. We all come in different shapes and sizes so some of us need or want a few more calories and some of us […]

This ginger elixir is one of Dr. Sunil Pai’s favorite special food tonics that he learned through his Ayurvedic training. For those with weak digestion who need to take enzymes to help them digest food, this ginger elixir is a great natural pre-meal tonic, taken in a shot glass to stimulate digestive function and appetite. […]

Held to be sacred by the Incas, researchers have recently taken a close look at certain antioxidant phytonutrients in quinoa and two flavonoids, quercetin and kaempferol, are now known to be abundant in concentrated amounts. In fact, the concentration of these two flavonoids in quinoa can sometimes be greater than their concentration in high-flavonoid berries […]

Beets are popular among athletes and are widely used to help enhance performance and endurance. Research has also linked beet juice to naturally fighting inflammation, increasing stamina, and even reducing blood pressure. They are a rich source of nutrients and fiber and work well in any juice recipe. Try this high energy, cleansing juice recipe […]

When most people find out that the are either allergic to dairy or are lactose intolerant, it’s usually a big let down for them to hear that they’re going to have to let go of their turtle tracks ice cream and slurping up milk with their cereal. And let me tell you, I can completely […]

This recipe is provided by Meg Wolff, a two-time cancer survivor and healthy food expert. She’d like people to better understand how important a role healthy food plays in our lives. You can visit her website or follow her on Twitter. 2 cups spring water or filtered tap water (I sometimes use 1 cup of […]

This recipe was provided by our good friend and cancer survivor Enoch DeBus. Here is the recipe for Enoch’s famous Kick’um Juice. He uses this drink to help him fight cancer. Enoch still drinks it to this day to help his immune system stay at peak performance. Prep Time: 45 minutes Ingredients: (Note: always use organic […]

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