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How to prevent cancer in the gut at the cellular level

The following presentation is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure your condition or to be a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional.

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Dr. Zielinski: Hello, everyone. Dr. Eric Zielinski here from I'm excited to welcome you to this very special segment of the Heal Your Gut Summit. Together with Dr. Josh Axe and Donna Gates, we are committed to helping you experience abundant life health. And according to years of clinical practice and countless hours of research into data, we have found that it all starts in the gut.

Today our special guest is Webster Kehr, the founder of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation and the number one ranked cancer education website Since 2002, Webster has been an independent cancer researcher, proclaiming the truths from the rooftops and exposing the lies perpetuated by media.

Author of several physics and mathematics papers, Webster is the author of the physics book The Detection of Ether and a brilliant piece of theoretical mathematics “Hinged Sets and The Answer to the Continuing Hypothesis.” Evidently, it turns out that Einstein's special theory of relativity and his photon theory are both false.

Webster's experiments while at Sprint Corporation, which proved you cannot detect the motion of our earth toward the constellation Leo by using a laser beam, proved that both of these theories are false. Now, why am I telling you this? Well, simply because Webster is absolutely brilliant. And he's devoted his intellectual gifting to cancer research for well over a decade.

Now, currently in the middle of nowhere middle rural America, let me join Webster to the Heal Your Gut Summit. Webster, can you hear me all right?

Webster Kehr: I can. Thank you, Dr. Z.

Dr. Zielinski: Awesome. Awesome. Well, hey, thank you again for taking the time today. I'm absolutely ecstatic for the opportunity to pick your brain on the gut-immune system cancer connection. But before we jump into it, I know that you are a God-fearing man and that you're extremely humble. Yet I have to ask you after more than a decade of cancer research, what do you personally feel is your number one accomplishment?

Webster Kehr: I think the theory behind what is going on inside the cancer cells and what that leads to because once you understand what is going on inside of cancer cells, you can develop a number of treatments that actually revert cancer cells into normal cells. And I have developed about fifteen or so cancer treatments that revert cancer cells into normal cells. And that's all based on the understanding of what's going on inside the cancer cells.

Dr. Zielinski: Wow. That's unbelievable. I know we're going to dive into that more. And, folks, for those of you who haven't gone to, do yourself a favor, check it out. The information, it's just a wealth of science evidence- based information that literally hundreds of thousands of people have visited and have received life-changing results. So, Webster, let's get right into it. In your opinion and according to years of research, what really causes cancer at the cellular level?

Webster Kehr

Webster Kehr: Well, the media would like you to believe that cancer is caused by DNA damage and that a cure for cancer is thirty years away. The fact of the matter is the first person that was reverting cancer cells into normal cells was in the 1930s. And he was shut down by the Food and Drug Administration to give you an idea of where they stand.

And what's going on inside of cancer cells is that and it has nothing to do with DNA damage. What happens is that microbes — particularly a bacteria called helicobacter pylori in most cases — helicobacter pylori gets inside of a regular cell and starts multiplying. That's what bacteria do is they multiply. So they multiply and then when the cell divides, both of the cells have microbes in them.

And then when those cells divide, all four cells have microbes inside of them. And what happens is these microbes intercept glucoseA type of sugar; the chief source of energy for living organisms.. That's what they eat. And because cells have less glucose, they also have less pyruvate because pyruvate comes from glucose in a chemical chain reaction. And then the pyruvate enters inside the mitochondria. And there're thousands of mitochondria inside of every cell.

And mitochondria is where the adenosine triphosphate is made. ATP or adenosine triphosphate is the energy of the cell. And cancer cells have low ATP energy. That's the definition of a cancer cell. They low ATP energy. This was discovered in 1931 by a Nobel Prize winner. And so these microbes block the production of pyruvate and thus block the production of adenosine triphosphate. Again, this is very simplified, but that's basically what's going on.

And so there're several ways you can treat cancer. You can kill the cancer cells. There's certainly nothing wrong with safely targeting and killing cancer cells.

And purple grape juice, for example, has twelve chemicals in it that kill cancer cells. Carrot juice also has those kinds of things in them. So a lot of people will use purple grape juice or carrot juice. But we use other things to get microbe-killing things inside of cancer cells.

So basically so you can kill the cancer cells. You can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells and revert the cancer cells into normal cells and so on and so forth. There's also the immune system, of course. Everyone has cancer cells, and everyone has an immune system. And the immune system under normal

circumstances, as you well know, the immune system normally takes care of cancer cells. So a person is not diagnosed with cancer even though they have cancer cells forming all the time. So you could say, in a sense, you could say that cancer is caused by a weak immune system.

But everything is tied together. So there's also things to build the immune system. There're supplements. Transfer point beta glucan is one. There's cleaning the blood of microbes is another. Cleaning the liver of parasites is another way. All of these things can cause a weak immune system and if you get rid of them or you have a supplementA product, generally taken orally, that contains one or more ingredients (such as vitamins or amino acids) that are intended to supplement one's diet and are not considered food. to help rebuild the immune system. All these things work together to help restore the immune system. And at the same you're restoring the immune system, you're killing cancer cells. You're reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

So literally like, for example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol, a person will use 14 or more items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol. Some of them are working on the immune system. Some of them are killing cancer cells. Some of them are killing the microbes inside the cancer cells. It's a multi-pronged approach.

Dr. Zielinski: Did you say the Dirt Cheap Protocol?

Webster Kehr: Yeah, the Dirt Cheap Protocol. The reason I call it that is this. If you had worked with as many cancer patients as I have, you would know that a lot of the cancer patients that I work with were sent home to die because they ran out of money. In other words, orthodox medicine worked with them on chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, which have a 2% cure rate collectively, literally. And that's according to an oncology journal.

So if a cancer patient uses chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, they have a 2% chance of surviving their cancer. Well, eventually they are sent home to die for one reason or another. But sometimes they're sent home to die because they run out of money to pay their insurance co-pays. And so by the time they come to me, they have no money whatsoever. And so I designed a protocol of things you can buy, many of them you can buy at a health food store. I called it the Dirt Cheap protocol kind of as a way to say that we know you don't have any money.

Dr. Zielinski: Now, Webster, you said something that really peaked my interest here. And just to clarify, cancer cells are defined, you said, since the 1930s as cells that have low ATP, is that correct?

Webster Kehr: Well, actually '31, that's correct, yeah. Otto Warburg. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering the defining characteristic of the cancer cell is low ATP energy.

Dr. Zielinski: Now, I'd like to flesh this out for just a moment because you go anywhere, you go in any textbook, you go to WebMD, you go to, nowhere in the definition of cancer, the description of cancer, do you see this. It's always pretty much this pat answer of cancer refers to a “number of diseases characterized by abnormal cells that divide uncontrollably.” So I'm just wondering. Is there a risk of people being misdiagnosed, not diagnosed? How does this affect the diagnostic criteria?

Webster Kehr: I'm not sure that it affects the diagnostics so much. I don't know why they do that. I think when somebody starts talking about adenosine triphosphate or ATP energy, they're afraid that they're going to lose their audience. And so they will say these other things to get people.

A lot of the cases, if you look at the cancer researchers and things, they'll say that cancer's caused by DNA damage. And they may not go beyond that than to say cancer's caused by DNA damage and that their researchers are studying DNA and so on and so forth. But, in fact, the actual definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low ATP energy. And any cell biologist who says that low ATP energy can be caused by DNA damage should change professions.

Dr. Zielinski: Really?

Webster Kehr: That's just stupid! It's really stupid. I'm not saying it's impossible. … But there's about seven — I don't know how many million — let's just say there're 7 million people in the world that have cancer right now, I don't know how many of them have cancer because of DNA damage but no more than a few hundred or a few thousand, certainly not millions. It's ridiculous because DNA, it's huge. It's billions — 2.3 billion nucleotides long. And to say that DNA damage could cause low adenosine triphosphate is just irresponsible. It's microbes.

Dr. Zielinski: To me, the foundational concern I have is that it's just misrepresenting the entire disease, the entire profession, because as simply as they say cancer is caused by immunogenic disorder or whatever it might be, well, you could just easily say cancer is caused by or cancer cells are low energy cells. And it just makes me suspect. It just makes me suspect that doctors aren't familiar with … because I didn't learn that in chiropractic college, right?

And, again, this whole system is set upon misunderstanding and flat out lies that if you think of it, now, what are the risks? Now, there are risks, in my opinion, of a misnomer because if you're focused on the “immunogenic cell,” then that's going to affect your treatment plan. And, see, to me, diagnosis is so critical because if you misdiagnose, you're mistreating. And maybe — and I could just suspect — this is a leading cause of why chemo and radiation are being so profoundly pushed on people versus saying, “Hey, your cells have low energy. How about we try to fix that?” What are your thoughts on that?

Webster Kehr: Well, to be honest with you, they're interested in money. They know that chemotherapy has a 2% cure. That's published in the Journal of Oncology. The five-year cure rate of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery is 2.1% to be exact. And chemotherapy does not target cancer cells. So it has to be used in very, very low doses.

All they have to do if they wanted chemotherapy to target cancer cells is to combine it with DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide). And there was actually a clinic in, I think it was in Georgia (somewhere down in the Southeast), that there're four different kinds of chemotherapy that combined to DMSO. So he was mixing DMSO with one of these types of chemotherapy that bind to DMSO. And the Food and Drug Administration shut him down.

Every clinic I know of that has used DMSO which targets cancer cells has been shut down by the FDA. So they are interested in money. They know they have [low] cure rate. And they don't care. That's OK with them. So their treatments are painful. They're worthless. They don't target cancer cells. And if you try to target cancer cells, they'll shut you down.

So natural medicine can target cancer cells. Honey will target cancer cells. DMSO, of course. MSM, which is methylsulfonylmethane, is the cousin of DMSO. So there's a number of things that will target cancer cells because cancer cells love sweets. Honey is a good example. For example, I will mix honey with turmeric. Turmeric kills the cancer microbe.

There was a study done in Australia. And all they used was honey and cinnamon. Cinnamon also kills the cancer microbe, and honey targets the cancer cells. They would mix honey and cinnamon. They had a 50 percent cure rate using nothing but honey and cinnamon.

Now, these were all newly diagnosed cancer patients, which I don't deal with very often. A lot of things can target cancer cells. But they won't use it. They won't even add DMSO to open the ports of the cancer cells so chemo can target. And I don't fully understand it either, but they are more interested in money than their patients. It's that simple.

Dr. Zielinski:So hold on a second. Hold on a second. You're telling me that because honey can target cancer cells it could be a cancer cure? Because we're told everywhere, “Stay away from sugar! Stay away from sugar!” I talk to cancer patients all over the world, and they're afraid of eating fruit for crying out loud.

Webster Kehr: Well, processed sugar is bad for cancer patients because processed sugar does not bind to anything else. You can't mix processed sugar with turmeric, for example. They don't bind together. So basically the processed sugar will just target the cancer cells and feed the microbes inside the cancer cells and nothing will be accomplished.

But honey can be mixed with turmeric. And cancer cells love sweets. They love sugar. They love sweets. So what you do, for example, is you cut out all processed sugar in your body. Just cut out all processed sugar in your body, in your foods, everything you eat. And then you eat honey and turmeric or honey and ginger, honey and cinnamon. But, again, the Dirt Cheap protocol requires fourteen different items, and honey and ginger and honey and turmeric and honey and cinnamon just three of the fourteen.

Dr. Zielinski: I see. So it's more like a carrier then?

Webster Kehr: Yes, that is the perfect word. The honey becomes a carrier. Molasses or maple syrup can also be used as a carrier if you combine it, for example, with baking soda. Baking soda is very highly alkaline, and alkalinity slows down the cell divisions. But the activity of the microbes.

Dr. Zielinski: You know, Webster, the simple truths that God shares in the Scripture like the proverb says, “Eat honey, but not too much or else you'll get sick,” I try to tell people that, but the media has literally brainwashed people.

And bringing us back to gut health, they say sweets, sugar, maple syrup, they bastardize it all. Fruit juice, whatever it might be. The Gerson Therapy, they just think it's heresy because sugar “feeds cancer.” And that blanket statement has just created a lot of fear. So in that vain, let's talk a little bit about how the gut and lack of gut health can lead to cancer.

Dr. Zielinski: That's a good question. There's, as you know better than I do if you have a really blocked gut, I don't know exactly what your terminology is, but if you got a lot of junk in your gut, you know that's going to interfere with the immune system. You know that better than I do.

But other things the gut can do, for example, I said that cancer is caused by helicobacter pylori. But the gut can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and all kinds of bad things. Again, we don't study the gut as much as you do. But helicobacter pylori could just multiply like rats in the gut. So and plus again, as you know, it can interfere with the immune system. In a normal person, the immune system is able to handle the cancer cells that form normally and naturally.

And so let's take this to another level then. Why or how can the gut weaken the immune system? And really I guess what I'm thinking is to get down to more of the cellular level that we're talking about with energy, with probiotics, with lack of gut flora, if you can make sense of all this because we could say the blanket term “dysbiosis,” unbalanced gut flora, can lead to weakened immunity, which can lead to cancer. But that seems too dumbed down. And I think you got, from reading your articles, I know you have a better understanding of this than that.

Webster Kehr: Well, the gut becomes an incubator for microbes, OK? And as an incubator for microbes, as I said, helicobacter pylori actually is what causes cancer inside the cancer cells. But also if you have a lot of microbes in your bloodstream, this also weakens the immune system. There was a Ph.D. in physics, a guy by the name of Bob Beck, who found a way to basically clean the bloodstream of microbes. And that was an immune-building supercharger.

So you have all of these microbes that are being bred or in this incubator called the colon. And also there may be parasites in the liver, for example, parasites are another major factor. And they can be in the liver or the gallbladder. So other treatments are designed to kill parasites in the organs.

So you have all these. Microbes can cause cancer in many different ways either by being in the bloodstream or being inside of cancer cells or being inside of organs. And they steal energy from the organs so the organs don't work very well. For example, the parasites in the organs steal energy from the liver, for example. And so the liver doesn't work as well. And if the liver doesn't work as well, the immune system is not going to work as well.

So there're lots of things going on in the body of the cancer patient that are related to microbes because they are really the ultimate culprit, not only at the cellular level but also at the immune system level. And now killing the microbes in the bloodstream is kind of a slow way to build the immune system. So we don't necessarily recommend it that often.

But for long-term, let's get rid of this cancer and let's keep it away, that's a good thing to do is to kill the microbes in the bloodstream. But certainly the parasites in the organs is immediate, that's called a liver flush. If you go to my website and you see the word “liver flush,” what liver flush means is you're killing parasites in the organs. That's what that's all about.

And then there's also certain supplements, and there are certain foods and things like that that build the immune system and help restrengthen the liver, give the liver the energy back that it needs. There's a lot of things going on.

But, again, you have to prioritize what you're doing. And, to me, the first priority is reverting cancer cells into normal cells. But while you're doing that, you can start the other processes, which take longer to achieve. You start them right away, too.

Dr. Zielinski: So I’ve got to take advantage of having you on the phone here. And I’ve got to pick your brain about three of my personal favorite articles on your website, one of which is “Cancer Treatments the Media Never Talks About Could Save Your Life.” And you mention five specific protocols: the High RF Frequency Protocol, the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Dirt Cheap Protocol that you mentioned before, and Unlimited Power Protocol. Out of these five specifically, which one targets and relates specifically or most intimately I should say to gut health?

Webster Kehr: The Dirt Cheap Protocol is a very anti-microbial protocol. While it is designed to get rid of microbes inside the cancer cells, because it includes so many microbe-killing things in it, it can't help but also get rid of a lot of microbes in the bloodstream.

And perhaps I've never thought that far in advance. But even if these things get into the colon, they can kill microbes in the colon because it's a very anti- microbial protocol. And for example, there's a device called the GB4000, which on the website, by the way, I don't call it the GB4000. I call it the High RF Frequency Protocol. And that's at the request of the vendor. And, again, that's because of the FDA.

But this device will kill microbes in the gut. It will kill. The High RF Frequency Protocol will kill all kinds of things including parasites that are in the gut itself, as well as the organs. And it's a very anti-microbial protocol. And it dates back the 1930s when Royal Rife realized the connection between microbes and cancer at the cellular level. So there's a lot of things going on with the Dirt Cheap Protocol because there're so many anti-microbial things that are in there.

But the Cellect-Budwig, which you mentioned, is also a very good protocol. It also has things in it that are anti-microbial. I don't exactly what the focus of the formula is because some of the items in the formula are not listed because they're not required by the FDA to be listed. But that has a good history of being successful.

Cesium Chloride is an old protocol. It's been around for many years. Cesium Chloride is extremely alkaline and very anti-microbial. It also kills microbes inside the cancer cells. Of course, I've talked about the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

The Unlimited Power Protocol really is an extension of the Dirt Cheap Protocol. It's just basically the Dirt Cheap Protocol with some other things added. And one thing you have to understand is I work with cancer patients all over the world and in a lot of countries they cannot import some of the products that I recommend.

And so I have to be flexible and kind of I guess. I don't really know exactly what can be purchased in every country. But I have, for example, the inexpensive treatments article has an additional list of items of things that people in other countries might be able to find if they can't find all the specific products or cannot import all the specific products in the Dirt Cheap Protocol if that's what they're using.

Dr. Zielinski: Well, let's flesh that out a little bit. And first of all, I got to say, I don't know if it were your intent, but I see a pun. And I love it. Dirt Cheap. The word “dirt” means so much to me because of soil-based organisms. And we know how healthy it is to really, in a sense, eat dirt — probiotics, prebiotics — and it's critical for gut health. So if you didn't intend that, I love it. I love the pun. It is a pun. So well done, sir.

So, again, your website has the protocol down to a T. Yet for people who are new — and we have a lot of people, tens of thousands of people listening right now who are new to this natural health thing — at times this can be overwhelming. So let's really try to shave this down into just manageable steps.

In a sense, what would you recommend someone brand new to this whole natural world? They're debating whether or not chemo, radiation. They hear your Dirt Cheap Protocol. What's their first step and how can they best implement this without really getting overwhelmed?

Webster Kehr: Well, I get emails from people all the time who are currently using chemotherapy and radiation and surgery. And the first thing I tell them is I cannot legally get between their medical doctors and themselves. So I cannot legally say to a cancer patient, “Quit using chemotherapy or quit using radiation,” or “You don't need this surgery.” I can't legally say that. So when a cancer patient says, “I'm currently using these protocols,” all I say is, “I can't tell you not to use them. All I can do is tell you what I would do on the natural medicine side.”

Now, I will admit this. Surgery is sometimes important. For example, a person may have a tumor that's pressing on a very important artery or the breathing tube or something like that. And in those cases, I will be the first one to say, “Get it cut out.” So there are cases where surgery, particularly on a dangerous tumor, are recommended.

But other than that, I just can't get between a medical doctor and the patient. All I can do is say, “OK, if you want to keep doing that, keep doing. But these are things I would add to it.” And if they're using chemotherapy, for example, I might say, “OK, take some DMSO or MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which is a very similar molecule to DMSO. In fact, once in the body, you can't even tell the difference hardly. So take MSM half an hour just before you go into the hospital to have chemotherapy.

And these things may open up the ports of the cancer cells so the chemotherapy, which normally does not target cancer cells at all. A little bit of it may target the cancer cells better and kill the cancer cells. So that's my approach to it. I can't legally get between the medical doctors and the patients. But I can say, “OK, if you are going to use it, I would add this to it.”

Dr. Zielinski: OK. Now, for someone who has their heart set regardless if they're on chemo or going to undergo radiation, they still want to try the Dirt Cheap Protocol, what recommendation can you get right off the get? Again, for people that are clueless to the whole gluten-free thing and they're just like what is this all about, they stumble on your website because of your website's like ranked top in every Google category in existence for cancer, so they run upon this. What would be your advice?

Pretend, if you could, that you're in a coaching session, which I love the fact that you've been coaching with people. What's the first thing you tell people? Like ‘OK, this is how I want you to start this.' Make it manageable, bite-size pieces, maybe something you don't share on your website.

Webster Kehr: OK. Let me go back to chemo just for one second, and then I'll answer your question. Minors, every state is a little different. But minors, even the parents may not have a say in which cancer treatment is used for minors. There're some states have set it up so that minor children, the state owns the minors and the parents have nothing to say about it.

Anyway, OK, getting back to your question. Well, first of all, if you look at the Dirt Cheap Protocol, a lot of those items can be purchased at a health food store. So the first thing I tell them to do is make a list of all the items and go to a health food store and buy what you can. And many of those items can be purchased at a health food store.

You can buy honey at a health food store. You can get ginger in a powder form, turmeric in a powder form, cinnamon in a powder form. You can get tons of carrot juice and purple grape juice. You can probably get purple grape juice. So the first thing you do, step one, is go to a health food store and get what you can. And start on day one. You can start the treatment day one. You may not be able to get to the 14, minimum. And some of the items have to be ordered over the Internet.

So, anyway, get the ones you can at a health food store right away. Start them today. And then start ordering the things until you get to the fourteen or sixteen items. And of course, certainly, you can buy baking soda and maple syrup. And I’ve told you some other things you can get at a health food store. So do that first. And then go back and start ordering some of the things over the Internet. And some of them can be purchased from the vendors, some from Amazon, some from multi-level marketing. So just start. And get the things that you can.

Dr. Zielinski: Awesome. Now, how important is organic, raw, and all that? Because what I have found is going to the local health food store is almost a slippery slope because there's a lot of stuff that isn't really healthy at the health food store. So is it critical that people get raw, local honey? Is it critical that they get organic this, organic that? Or can they allow their budget to determine what to get?

Webster Kehr: Well, a budget is important. Timing is also important. We'll just pick honey as an example. If you can't get organic honey, you can go ahead and buy it at the health food store and start using it, and then order organic honey online or organic wheat grass or organic grapes. It's hard to find organic purple grapes, but you can. You can find them.

And so in other words, go to a health food store. Get what you can get, even if it's not organic. And then when you start ordering things if you can get it organic, of course, get it organic. And it depends on the case. It depends on how the time criticalness and so on and so forth.

Dr. Zielinski: OK. And how about the adjoining diet and exercise and prayer and meditation and all the things that really go in with all of this? What recommendations do you give your coaching clients all over the world?

Webster Kehr: I'm a firm believer in all those things. I firmly believe in God and prayer. I believe in prayer. I do it myself. And so yeah, all those things are very good. God wants to intervene, He can do it. I trust Him.

Dr. Zielinski: Are there any specific stress-relieving techniques that you have found? Because I know that the connection between immunity, stress, and cancer is quite profound.

Webster Kehr: That's not my field, but if people want to do that, that's fine. Look at me more as a cellular biologist. I'm more interested in going inside the cell and in the bloodstream and the liver and the organs. But all these things are fine. All of them help. Seriously, they all help. And I'm a big fan of them.

But those are not necessarily my areas of expertise. I haven't done a controlled study of fifty people did prayer and fifty people didn't do prayer. I would say that people that did prayer probably did better, but I haven't done any studies to prove that, never will. But I believe in it. Certainly, I believe in it. God can do what He wants when all is said and done.

Dr. Zielinski: That's awesome. And for folks out there who have a family member or loved one, intercessory prayer, the research is pretty shocking of what intercessory prayer can do. It's inexplainable. There's some sort of energy connection in the cosmos that God has established that people get well from people praying for other people. And not only that but you yourself praying and meditating on God's word. It really helps calm the stressors, the psychogenic aspects of a disease, cancer, immunity. So it's pretty profound.

Again, folks, I’ve got to direct you to the Dirt Cheap Protocol for cancer stage four. You type that up. Again, the Dirt Cheap Protocol for cancer Stage IV on

So we talked a lot about, “I’ve got cancer. Now, what?” We talked a lot about the gut. What about prevention? Let's say, for example, this is a big scare, right, the so-called genetic disposition for cancer in women which is something that's touched personally in my home, women undergoing preventative mastectomies because they believe or they've been diagnosed with the gene.

Would you recommend someone who's a little concerned about developing cancer to get on the Dirt Cheap Protocol? Is there a modified Dirt Cheap protocol? Let's talk cancer prevention for a minute.

Webster Kehr: Well, let me just say something about women having their breasts cut off because they have the propensity for cancer. There aren't even words in the English language to describe how absurd that is. It's third-century medicine, in all seriousness. It's Dark Ages medicine.

But anyway, to prevent cancer, if you look at the Dirt Cheap Protocol, there are some required items. The word “required” is right there.  You can take MSM and LIPH. It's pronounced “life,” but it's spelled LIPH. It's a homeopathic product. MSM is almost safe to…MSM water, you put MSM in water and you drink the water. It's almost as safe to drink as regular water. I think they are probably just about equal in safety. MSM is so safe you couldn't believe. LD50 MSM is off the charts. Same with PSO. These are incredibly safe things.

And LIPH is homeopathic meaning it's vibrating water. How can you have something safer than vibrating water? Unless you're a microbe, it's perfectly safe. They can use MSM LIPH or MSM vitamin C. I recommend lypo-spheric vitamin C and that's being easier and easier to buy all the time.

So MSM, vitamin C. Again, I don't talk about the colon. But you're right it is important. The colon flushes that or whatever you call them, I would call them colon flushes. But those would be important. Liver flushes once in a while. And maybe five or six items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, but the required items are required.

So five or six items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol, including the required items. Baking soda would not be necessary because you don't want to take too much alkalinity. You could get alkalosis. And alkalosis has symptoms. So it's not a secret what it is. But you can go online and look at the symptoms for alkalosis. But just don’t take the baking soda and maple syrup unless you have cancer. But transfer point beta glucan, which is also required and MSM LIPH, MSM vitamin C.

Just take four or five of those things with required ones being required because they are special. But flushes and I know I'm going to add a colon flush one of these days probably with a link to your site. But anyway, you're right. Just pick four or five of those items and take those. And you're not likely to get cancer.

This is what I tell patients, “If it works, keep doing it. If it doesn't work, get back to me. And if you're getting worse, really get back to me.” Because I can make it stronger. If you look at the reference, there's an article on the website called “The Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual.” The reference manual has hundreds (hundreds!) of things that you can do to supercharge your immune system.

For example, literally, I could have a patient taking two hundred things that kill cancer cells safely literally if you follow all the links and all the things that it talks about.

So literally the power of natural medicine is unlimited if you tap into this reference manual. Now some people, for example, if a person's on the Cellect- Budwig. If the person that supports the Cellect-Budwig doesn't like people adding things to this protocol which is fine because it's a very, very good protocol. But when you're done with it, when you're done with all the Cellect- Budwig, you can go on over to the reference manual or to one of the other articles, dirt cheap protocol, and just pick five or six items to make sure cancer never comes back.

Dr. Zielinski: I've always been curious about this. Is there such a thing as too much? The multi, this, that. You take this probiotic. You take that. Some people that are healthy that I know of, that I coach, they're on ten/fifteen different supplements, and they're doing all kinds of stuff. And I always wonder really at the cellular level can the body metabolize and utilize all this stuff. So what is your thought on that?

Going back to gut, because everything really flows through the gut and it all flows through and whether or not it can be utilized or absorbed or not, what knowledge and understanding do you have? Is there such a thing as too much? And should people really cool it? Because you mentioned the 200 different things that people can take, would you say that people could take all 200?

Webster Kehr: Well, the real limit is alkalinity. The only real limit is alkalinity. A person can only have so much alkalinity. And, for example, after the buildup, the person is only taking one teaspoon of baking soda. Cellect, I'm not sure what the dose is. Cellect has cesium chloride in it. So a person might take five scoops of Cellect. You wouldn't want to take that after your cancer's already gone. You may want to only take one scoop. I don't know. But you would have to talk to the person that supports the Cellect-Budwig or the vendor.

But these things can be used for cancer prevention. They can be used after the treatment's already finished. And you just want to make sure it doesn't come back or you want to finish off down to the very last cancer cell. But a lot of these things are just safe beyond belief. MSM, I can't even figure out how to overdose on MSM. I wouldn't know how to overdose on MSM, same with LIPH.

And other things are taken in very specific doses. So there are people that take these products every day just for prevention. And so you get down to the levels or you don't use the fourteen or fifteen or sixteen items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol. You're using four or five items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol.

And you're using the same doses that the cancer patient would or even fewer doses than a cancer patient would use then half the dose. So these are very, very safe things. These are very, very safe things. And like I say, alkalinity is really the only thing you have to worry about. You should only take one alkaline protocol at a time. And for prevention really only half of an alkaline protocol, half a teaspoon or something like that. But some of these things just unbelievably safe. LD50 is just off the charts.

Dr. Zielinski: Awesome. Well, thank you for clarifying then. I really appreciate it. I’ve got to take a moment and read a snippet. One of my favorite quotes on your website. The article “Cancer Treatments The Media Never Talks About Could Save Your Life”. I know we're running out of time. And I was hoping we could transition with this powerful quote and if you have any last thoughts for people because this is really the bottom line.

If I could summarize everything that I'm about, you put it into these four paragraphs. And here it goes, again, from “Cancer Treatments the Media Never Talks About Could Save Your Life,” and you write this, Webster: “The late doctor Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist turned cancer researcher, treated over 33,000 cancer patients. Among those who went to him first, his five-year cure rate was 90 percent. My point is this,” you say, Webster, “My point is this: God knows how to cure cancer! So it was not necessary for Dr. Kelley to know how to cure cancer. All Dr. Kelley had to know is what God put into Mother Nature to cure cancer. And that is exactly what Dr. Kelley did. God put his cancer treatments into Mother Nature for free for his children. And Dr. Kelley used natural products from Mother Nature. They are frequently called ‘natural cancer treatments' or ‘alternative cancer treatments' because they don't involve highly profitable, patented drugs. This is where the 90 percent cure cancer rate comes from. In other words, Dr. Kelley did not have to know how to cure cancer. God, through Mother Nature, had to know how to cure cancer. People sometimes want to know the credentials of natural medicine cancer researchers. Our credentials,” you say, Webster, and I love this, “are that we know how Mother Nature can cure cancer. But we know a lot more than that. For example, we know many ways to revert cancer cells into normal cells.”

I have to applaud you. Bravo. Well done. Absolutely powerful, powerful. That's it. That's everything we do. That's everything I stand for. I just want to praise God for putting on your heart to share that. Webster, any last thoughts you want to give to people maybe in tune with that, but let's give people some hope. Let's give people an understanding that God knows what He's doing and we can beat this thing.

Webster Kehr: Yes. I'm glad you said that because when I wrote that, I thought, this is really good. So, yeah, and it's fairly recent. I just wrote that like a few weeks ago. But, yeah, I got into cancer research. I did not get into cancer research because I had cancer. I got into cancer research because I had hypertension. And when I was looking for hypertension, I would see carrot juice curing cancer.

And I saw teaspoon or two of…I can't remember what it is. Anyway, they put a teaspoon or two of something in there. I can't remember what it is. It's natural. Beet juice! They put a teaspoon or two of beet juice in a quart of carrot juice. And they would cure their cancer every time. And I even talked to somebody physically in the same room. I interviewed somebody in the same room. And he had cured his cancer with carrot juice.

Mother Nature has put everything needed. As I said before, purple grape juice has at last twelve molecules in them that kill cancer cells. Mother Nature has put it all in there, and we just have to figure out what Mother Nature did. And we know carrot juice. We know purple grape juice. We know laetrile, which is a molecule that strips enzymes off the cancer cells so the immune system can recognize the cancer cells.

Pretty much everything. I'd have to really think about is there anything doesn't involve Mother Nature. Well, there's a little bit of electro medicine here and there and the High RF Frequency Protocol and so on and so forth. So, yeah, it's all Mother Nature. Just figure out what Mother Nature did and go to town.

Dr. Zielinski: That's awesome. Webster, thank you again. Thank you so much for taking the time. We sincerely love and appreciate all that you've done. And I just know that your legacy will live on for generations to come. Folks, thank you again for joining the Heal Your Gut Summit. According to the American Cancer Society, this year there will be an estimated 1.7 million new cancer cases diagnosed and 600,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. alone.

Please, please I implore you, take this life-saving information home with you by clicking on the banner beside or below and be sure to share with your loved ones. And don't forget, visit Webster's website at and take some time to look around. You'll definitely not be disappointed. This is Dr. Eric Zielinski, folks. And my hope and prayer are that your family will experience abundant life health. And, remember, it all starts in the gut.

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